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With the help of our company, Get Premium Boxes, you can now sell large quantities of your vape juices. Our manufacturers have decoded the best way to get through to the audience in retail stores. With our magnificently designed product packaging and our free design support, you can now get your hands on one of the most useful and stunning bulk of Custom E-liquid Boxes. These boxes will play a huge part in attracting enough customers to get your brand the recognition that it needs to jumpstart its successful business. Get Premium Boxes offers customization that you can take up to ensure that you are creating your ideal e-liquid boxes for the customers. You can now browse through our wide range of e-liquid packaging containers.

What is e-liquid?

Vape is said to have reach the rate of 55 million vapes selling each day. As of today, it has become a trend among teenagers and young adults alike who are into vaping and the consumption of these flavored electric cigarettes. E-liquid is the liquid that goes into the vape pen. This vape pen is design in a way that it turns the flavored liquid into smoke. These liquids come in several different flavors and varieties. Many of them are free of nicotine to ensure that the customers are not getting addict to it as they would to cigarettes.

Vaping has been taken up by many teenagers and young adults nowadays as an alternative and an escape from harmful cigarettes without actually giving up smoking. And just like every other product in the world, you guessed it right! E-liquid needs good packaging as well. Good packaging can help differentiate your business and brand, it can help identify your product and also promote your brand. Your brand needs promoting in retail stores, always remember that. And one way to do that without actually having your products out is by the help of e-liquid packaging boxes. With the help of our company, you can also get these product packaging boxes made to fit in with your company’s motive.

E-liquid and its packaging

Whatever products you sell, need to be in the most perfect packaging. This means that your e-liquid boxes also need to be A-1 when they are ship off to retail stores to put a show for your audience. And now, perfect packaging is exactly what you will get from our company. Get Premium Boxes offers custom shape and sizes of boxes for you to decide and choose from. Our Custom E-liquid Boxes will be totally designed by you according to your taste. You know better what type of audience you are targeting and we will help you create a box that will appeal to that exact category of people.


We sell boxes made of eco-friendly material to make sure that the environment is also being kept safe and healthy! There is a wide range of boxes that Get Premium Boxes is ready to offer you, these boxes are made from the most durable material and can be designed according to your need with our customization option. This means you will get to choose the packaging material, the information that goes on it, the colors, illustrations, shape, size, and everything else in between.

It will be as if you are creating the boxes for your company and we are just helping you to turn your dream packaging into a reality. It is really easy to do with our company. Other packaging companies might charge you more for these but with Get Premium Boxes, you will do nothing but save money all the while getting the most efficient and reliable material made for your brand.

How should one customize their e-liquid boxes?

There are countless ways to design a packaging box. All one needs to do is to keep the creative side of the brain open. Our manufacturers at Get Premium Boxes offer no setup or die charge, which gives you an open hand while designing and decorating your product packaging. The e-liquid packaging that you will get from us will have all the factors that packaging needs to have to be call perfect.

We will help you design the bulk of the boxes of your dreams. There are some interesting and unique ideas that you can take up to ensure that the boxes you are creating aren’t boring. This step is excruciatingly important since the people who usually buy the e-liquids along with vape pens are 18-25 and these people are creative and have the component of rarity still in their minds.

Things You Should Know

You need to do something eye-catching for them to be able to give your products a try. These are a few things you can do:

  • Use trendy symbols, lines, or illustrations. With Get Premium Boxes’ printing services, you can get print anything on these boxes. If you go with the trend, it is more likely that they will be attract towards your product rather than a blatant and bare box with no identity. The symbols you can use or the images on your Custom E-liquid Boxes can also be something related to smoking or vaping.
  • Take care of the color combination! You don’t want to put a box out there that has no interesting colors swirling around. Our company can manage that and our packaging manufacturing experts are always ready to discuss these things with you.
  • You can try creating boxes with new and different types of coating. We offer a range of different options such as Aqueous coating, lamination, foiling, gloss, as well as a matte coating for your boxes. These will help you give a different look to each of your boxes as well as keep them formal or classy as needed.

Create Different Designs of Custom E-Liquid Boxes

  • Don’t forget to try something unique. You can try creating different compartments in your boxes for more than one flavor of vape juice. This will help your e-liquid packaging boxes to look more convenient and useful.
  • Communication is the key. It is obvious that you can not deploy a person at the retail store to tell the audience about your product. Whatever needs to be done has to be done with the help of either the product or its packaging. Communication about your company with the help of your product can be a hard move however, it is not difficult at all when it comes to your packaging. With amazing printing services and modern technology nowadays, you can get anything do with your packaging boxes in bulk.
  • Your packaging box material needs to be solid and strong enough to protect the glass juice bottles inside. If any harm is to come their way, it is important that you have Get Premium Boxes’ containers that are make from a hard material so to protect your products inside and keep them safe. During shipment and delivery, our boxes will keep your products safe and also during their stay at the warehouse or the retail shop stores or their shelves. No need to worry about the safety of your products anymore.

Don’t worry about your budget with Get premium Boxes!

Starting a business of any kind can be stressful. Especially since there is a budget that one has to stay under. However, with the help of our company, you will be able to save up a lot of money instead of wasting it or over-spending on packaging boxes. If you order a bulk of custom printed window e-liquid boxes from Get Premium Boxes, we will ship and deliver them all the way to wherever you want us to! That is right. The shipping is absolutely free of any cost. However, this offer only stands for the USA.

No matter which state you are in, if you order from us, we will deliver it to you free of any cost. Since shipping can cost a lot, especially if you are ordering from across the country, people get stress about paying the delivery charges as well. But now, get over that worry of yours with the help of Get Premium Boxes and order from us! You can visit our website and order online right from the convenience of your home. With the sudden increase in the sales of Custom E-liquid Boxes, you can now get your own custom printed e-liquid boxes made so that you are not staying behind in this trend.

Contact us now!

Our packaging experts are always ready to hear from you and to start working on your project with you. You can contact us anytime that you like with the help of the number provided on our website. We will ensure that you get your boxes. With our fast turnaround time and other several offers. You can now rule the e-liquid with your packaging boxes as well as your wide range of flavored vape juices. We have all types of vape juice boxes that can fit in all sizes of your e-liquid products. Whether they are in a big bottle or in a small squeeze drop, our custom shapes and sizes of boxes will fit them all perfectly!

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