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Get Premium boxes is here as a saviour for you. If you have a newly launched business and still haven’t gotten a proper packaging vendor that would get you good packaging boxes so that your company can get more recognition, we are here to change that. Our company offers custom shapes and sizes of boxes so that no matter what product you are selling, you can get them fitted in our beautiful and carefully created packaging boxes. Our designers will make for you one of the best eyeshadow boxes that you and your customers will ever have seen!


Eyeshadow palettes are now in trend lately and many people are getting them newly made and manufactured with new and different names of the shades, etc. To gain the attention of their audience. And that is something you must be doing as well. Ensuring that your product is as good as the other brands’ products. Well, if your product is good, your packaging needs to be just as good. You shouldn’t forget that the boxes you will pack your eyeshadow palettes in will be the first thing your customers notice about your products.

Through those exact packaging boxes, they will judge your company and decide whether they actually want to buy your products or not. So, what do you think? Do you have the type of makeup eyeshadow boxes that will stand out among all the rest in cosmetic stores and guarantee you a customer? If not, Get Premium Boxes is where you need to head to. We create a wide range of boxes of all types, shapes, sizes, and varieties. Created with the most eco-friendly material, our eyeshadow boxes wholesale is sure to turn the success rate of your business 180 degrees.

We Take Care of your products

Taking care of the manufacturing and designing of a product is mainstream and thought of by everyone because they know that the product is the most important part of a business. However, what they forget is that packaging contributes just as much to a business and if it isn’t perfect, in most cases, your product will not be appreciated.

For example, if you imagine yourself going to buy a newly launched product that you have wanted for so long, but you see that the packaging of that product is not holding together properly or made out of the cheapest material and even possibly caused harm to the product inside, you will not want to buy the product. You wouldn’t even want to test the product out. Time to ensure this doesn’t happen to your customers.

What might your eyeshadow packaging boxes be lacking?

There is a lot of competition out there nowadays. Especially with new makeup brands opening up and the old ones gaining a lot of popularity, you will need to catch up. However, it is easy for you to get in the race because a lot of the other more famous brands are expensive and that is not what most people are looking for. So, are you ready to buy our boxes and act as a refuge for makeup lovers who can not actually afford too expensive makeup products?

Get Premium boxes will create for you custom logo eyeshadow boxes so when you are in the game and selling your own cosmetic eyeshadow palettes, there won’t a problem with brand identification and you will easily able to have your company recognized by new customers or old customers likewise. Designing a logo extremely easy with our company since we also offer no setup or die charge so you can, without any further charges, get a logo design and print out onto all of your wholesale eyeshadow boxes.

Having a logo will give you a proper identity and this way if any customer buys your product or wants to buy it again, they will have remembered your logo or your company name that should be on the box in bold lettering. It will make it much easier for your customers to locate you again in case they want to buy more from you.

Ways to make your eyeshadow palette more wanted by customers:

  1. You can try to give out eyeshadow blending brushes along with your palettes. You can get creat a packaging box for that purpose especially with our customization option. In new and separate sections, you can also fit in your brushes along with your eyeshadow palettes and print out an offer of getting free brushes along with the palettes. This will be sure to interest some audience.
  2. Does your eyeshadow palette box need a window installed in it? That is definitely something you need to get done. We can offer a bulk of boxes with windows in them so that your audience know how many colours and shades there are in your palette and just a general look of your eyeshadow palette before they buy it. This will give them more sense of what they are buying for themselves and make them comfortable buying from a new brand in case this is the first time they are buying from you.
  3. Use vibrant colours and don’t be afraid to hold back your creative self. You can also try to create a one-liner or a slogan type line that will represent your eyeshadow makeup brand so that people get more appealed towards it instead of seeing it as some boring brand and moving forward.


If not packing brushes along with these palettes in boxes, you can give other offers such as free lipstick along with your eyeshadow palettes that you can fit in the stunning and free-space boxes that we provide you with. A lot of the time, this trick works in getting more customers for a brand or business.

Do not forget to print out and mention your company’s name and contact number on your boxes in case your customers need any questions answered or are simply looking for a contact number for other different reasons. Always guarantee their convenience.

You can also try to list down the products and possible chemicals that have used in the production and manufacture of these eyeshadow palettes. This move will appreciated by more customers than you would think.

How to win over customers in retail cosmetic stores?

With the eyeshadow boxes cardboard by Get Premium Boxes, you can get a chance to interest all types of audiences. When they walk into a store, your eyeshadow boxes will be the ones your customers notice first. With our aqueous coating, lamination, foiling, glossy, and matte coating, you can give your custom eyeshadow boxes some glamour and a hint of stunning beauty that will make your customers tempted to buy your products.

You can also use the printing services that we offer at Get Premium Boxes to have a bulk of custom printed eyeshadow packaging boxes that will have all your company’s necessary information on it as well as some about the product because a good packaging box also helps in product identification.

Our Company

That is exactly what you can get done through our company’s help and modern printing services. There are many ways to win over a customer in retail stores. Especially if you are taking care of the type of packaging you have, there should be no worries about failing to sell your products.

Since the packaging is what they will be judging your products by. And once you start working with our company, Get Premium Boxes, you will be able to put out the most stunning boxes with the best and most unique shapes and sizes which will automatically direct more and more customers towards your products and eventually, your company will be running down a successful pathway.

Why should you choose our company, Get Premium Boxes?

Even though there are quite a several packaging vendors available in the world right now, but we believe that Get Premium Boxes is exactly what you need. There are several reasons for it. Our staff is extremely friendly and your professionals are always ready to guide you through the entire process of manufacturing your custom eyeshadow packaging.

So, it will be extremely easy for you to get more knowledge about creating boxes, even your own bulk. Another reason is that when one launches a new business, they spend a lot of money and they keep thinking. About saving money and staying under budget. Spending money on packaging companies can also cost you a lot of money but with Get Premium Boxes you will be saving an extra amount of money to spend on other factors of your business.

We Offer

We not only offer free design support here but also free delivery all across the USA. This means, no matter which corner of the state you order us from, we will get our bulk of eyeshadow boxes from Kraft, the most biodegradable material, out there. You can order from us online at our website and we will be ready to help you as soon as possible.

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