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Fashionable elements have contributed in blooming the fashion industries. These elements attract the customers, allowing them to experiment with new looks and styles. Hair extensions are one of these elements which have had a great impact on the fashion industry. Everyone including the on screen models and the general population prioritize the hairstyling and its emerging trend. Hair extensions make hairstyling easy and innovative. There is a great variety in the hair extension industry. These extensions vary in the length, color, and types of hair, each for the client’s requirements. Here at Get Premium Boxes, we design Hair Extension Boxes to store these fashionable extensions. We aim to make the best quality hair extension packaging boxes for our clients. Therefore, they use them to sell these hair extensions.

Custom Designed boxes

Packaging plays a vital role in the sales of any products. As the packaging acts as the first outlook of the product. Today, companies are fully aware of the sale tactics to attract more customers. And to ensure the sales of their products, along with increasing the quality of their product, the brands invest in the packaging of their product as well. Brand turn to our company for producing them customize packaging boxes. Similarly, the hair extension companies come to us and get their custom hair extension boxes. 

Premium Quality of printing

These boxes are the only way to convey to the clients about the brand and the description of the product. We take care of the readability of the important text as well as the details. Our clients come with their custom designs which they want to get printed on their hair extension boxes. These customizations allow their brand to be apart from the other extension brands. These custom printed hair extension boxes, add an attractive element to the appearance of the packaging, increasing the popularity of the boxes.

Varying Shape and Size

Hair extensions are made in a wide range of lengths and styles. Therefore, each type of hair extensions require customized shape and sized boxes. The clients can select their desired dimensions for the hair extensions. The custom-made hair extension boxes, keep the hair in the right position without ruining its appearance and finishing. This is why it is critical to use the correct sized hair extension packaging boxes. Most of the clients select regular shapes boxes, while some clients also go for personalized boxes in irregular shapes.


We manufacture the hair extension boxes packaging with complete customization and take care of the printing and finishing. We perform high-quality printing for our client’s designs which are made to finesse by our graphic designers. By using high-quality printing, we ensure that the original colors of the designs remain after the printing, without any ink blotting. The lamination and finishing are taken care of for the enhancement of the outlook of the packaging once the printing is done. There are multiple types of lamination that we provide to our clients. These including glossy, matte, embossed. These laminations intact the printing in place and add finesse to the custom-made hair extension boxes.

Retaining the quality- Safety of the extensions

Since hair extensions are usually made out of human hair, they need to be stored carefully in suitable packaging boxes. It is important to retain the quality of the natural hair extensions. Therefore, we manufacture the most suitable packaging that ensures quality and safety. Furthermore, some of the hair extensions are dyed, they need to be packed carefully so that their dye does not decolorize or spread. To prevent any mishap, we create airtight packaging that does not absorb too much heat spilling away from the dyes. The boxes heat protected as they  internally covered with sheets protecting the delicate hair extensions.

Bulk orders

Each brand has its requirements for these hair extension box packaging. Depending on our client’s brand outreach, they order the required quantity of the packaging boxes. We provide our clients with bulk orders as well ranging to up to 500,000 boxes per order. This benefits the clients to obtain a bulk amount of the hair extension box packaging at one time.

Eco-friendly material

We understand that materiality plays a major role in the packaging business as it contributes to the strength and durability of the boxes. Therefore, it is vital to use high-quality materials to produce strong and sturdy hair extension boxes. However, we known for being a responsible company when manufacturing the packaging boxes. We aim to utilize the best quality materials while saving the environment as well. Since these packaging boxes are discarded once the product is in use, therefore it is important to make recyclable boxes. For this, Get Premium Boxes uses 100 recyclable/ recycled materials. The main materials that we use include, 12pt- 24pt cardboard, White cardstock, 18pt- 24pt SBS, 18pt- 24pt Kraft cardstock, Corrugated stock. Hair extension boxes cardboard and all the other materials allow us to produce stiff and long-lasting boxes, satisfying our clients since these boxes do not get ruined during shipments.

Wholesale prices

It is essential to think about manufacturing economical packaging since our client’s budget needs to maintained. They already invest most of their budget in the quality of the product therefore, we provide them with wholesale custom hair extension boxes. This benefits the clients as they save money in buying low-cost packaging and gaining more profit. This boosts our client’s confidence in turning back to us every time for their orders. Wholesale prices are reasonable and allow our clients to buy the boxes in bulk. These rates also attract new brands which have initially started their business at a small scale and are low on investment.

Fast turnaround Time

Get Premium boxes are known to have the most efficient turnaround time. This allows our company to yield an outstanding record amongst all the packaging companies in the country for supplying our packaging boxes to our clients in the shortest possible time. We take complete responsibility for generating efficient deliveries worldwide. To satisfy our clients even more and have them benefit from us, our policy is to provide free deliveries within the country and there are some extra charges for the international deliveries. The integral part of our deliveries is that each of our orders always delivered to our client’s doorsteps. This way, we make sure that our clients sit back peacefully while we produce their hair extension package boxes.

Tracking and shipment

Tracking and shipment need to handled very carefully as it is the last step of our service. It is a relatively thorough process beginning from the placement of the order. The customers can easily place the orders and provide us with their custom design requirements, mostly done over our website and email. A few times the clients come directly to us to place their orders along with checking the samples. Furthermore, Once the order placed, our clients receive automated tracking messages or email through. They can easily access the progress of their order and remain updated on the status of delivery. Hair extension custom boxes tracking system is fairly easy and efficient. Over the years we have enhanced our shipping system to a great extent. Our clients pleased by our system and do not need to go through the extra hassle of contacting us for regular updates.

Supportive Customer care

Our brand popularly known for the effective customer care that we provide to our valuable clients. Our clients are the ones due to which we have emerged as a rising packaging brand. These clients trust us with the outlook of their product and we take our responsibility seriously, producing the high-standard packaging boxes our client expect from us. Our customer care helplines are always available for our client’s feedback and to cater to their queries or questions. Our representatives are available over call services as well as over email or website. We have a fast and responsive system, typically replying within an hour. This low waiting time encourages the customers to interact with us freely.

Hair extensions are one of the growing beauty essentials and mostly the fashion related people and now other people are using them. With the growing demand, there is a rapid rise in the brands that produce these hair extensions. Our company works efficiently to cater as many clients as possible. We aim to bring their products finished packaging boxes to them. Our employees are efficient workers that understand their tasks and perform each step carefully. The graphical designers pay attention to the needs of our clients. They produce the most eye-catching, attractive visuals for these hair extension custom boxes. We take care of our customers while manufacturing the packing boxes at a wholesale price. This usually taking two weeks outmost to produce their bulk orders. Our policies such as free shipment and customer care boost our business. This is beneficial as more and more clients develop their trust in us.

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