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Get Premium Boxes is our company that masters in crafting and selling Kraft boxes made out of the finest and the most eco-friendly material. We create and sell the most stunning and unique boxes for you and your customers that they will be tempted to buy. Our Kraft gift boxes are the best option for you to present to your customers.

Now get successful with the help of our premium quality Kraft boxes!

They will love them and come back for more. Get Premium Boxes is the best packaging company option that you can choose, and there are many reasons behind it as well. Our Kraft paper boxes are being sold free of any shipping charge. That is right! No matter what part of The United States you are from, if you order packaging boxes from us, we will ship and deliver them right to your doorstep without any additional charges.

Why do you need good packaging boxes?

The marketing industry has seen the fall of good brands and companies because many of these brands were incompetent or failed to deliver what was best to their customers. It has been an important factor that each part and factor of the brand is being taken care of. When you think about launching a business, among all the other things and so many other responsibilities to take care of, you may forget the most important things. And among those important things, the product doesn’t count.

Because the product is the sole reason for the company to come into being, people don’t forget that. However, many people forget to keep a check on their packaging boxes. This may create packaging that isn’t good enough and thus puts a bad image out and makes the customers stop buying from them. The perfect solution for this is to create the best packaging boxes and being careful whilst choosing a packaging manufacturer. Who you choose as your packaging company will matter a lot in the long run as well as the success of your brand. This is why one needs the best packaging vendor that one can get. One that sells them the exact product they want.

What is a Kraft box?

There is no one type of packaging box out there. With the advancement in the packaging and marketing world, people have started buying, selling, and creating better-looking boxes. Each day you can be presented with a new type of packaging box with several pros and cons. However, Get Premium Boxes can get you the best Kraft packaging. Kraft is a material that we use to create these durable and solid boxes so that they can provide a safe space for your fragile products.

These Kraft packaging boxes are light-weighted hence easier to pack your products in and ship to their respective retail stores to be sold to customers. Other than that, the Kraft material is also biodegradable and can decompose in a matter of just a few weeks, leaving the environment and your customers happy! This will only promote the good news about your company once people realize you are selling your products in environmentally friendly material. It will be much appreciated and might even get you a few more customers.

Reasons why packaging boxes are so important?

  • A good packaging box serves the purpose of safety for your products. We sell custom Kraft boxes with custom shapes and sizes of your own choice. This will give you a chance to create a box that can protect and hold any type of product. Whether you are selling something small or are going for much bigger products, our boxes can be made accordingly.
  • The best packaging boxes communicate with their audience. Representing your company isn’t only do with the help of illustrations or other printing options. Your packaging box needs to get it through what it holds inside and product identification is necessary as well. If these basic details are missing from your packaging boxes, your audience will be the least interested in a bare brown and basic packaging container. Ensure that you aren’t making that mistake.
  • Our Kraft paper packaging is the perfect option for your much smaller and lighter items. You must be aware of how there are shipment and delivery charges for you to send your boxes to the store as well. With our lightweight boxes and our service of free design support, you can get made something extremely convenient for your company and your customers.
  • If you have a retail business, you will love to give our Kraft window boxes a try! With these beautiful boxes that have a window cut in them, your customers will venture around in-store and not just be able to judge your brand by its packaging but also be able to look inside and see the product with the help of that window. This is how a custom Kraft box can play the trick of psychological attraction to capture more hearts and hence get you more sales.

Different types of Kraft box packaging that you can try out

There are many ways for you to utilize our special Kraft gable boxes. There are different techniques you can try with them and create something unique and interesting for your customers. After all, they do deserve the best of what you have got! In retail stores, the whole focus is on the time. You get a small amount of time in which your packaging box can win the heart of the audience.

Otherwise, they move on to a different product. With our wide variety of packaging boxes such as Kraft Jewellery boxes, Kraft bakery boxes and Kraft mailer boxes, you can get a variety of boxes through which you can gain the audience attention that you want. This might have an expensive choice and many would have scared to take it because they didn’t want to spend too much money on the packaging alone. But with Get Premium Boxes, you get a chance to have no setup or die charge and a fast turnaround time.

This way you can save money and also be able to completely promote your business with the help of a logo or something prominent about your brand that people can later go on to remember. Creating small Kraft boxes for your products to be display on retail shelves will change the course of your business and make people buy from you more!

Interesting ways to design and decorate your custom Kraft box

  • Always go for good colour combinations. Whether you want to stay elegant and simple or want to go all out and create boxes will vibrant colours, we have got your back!
  • Never forget to promote your company with the help of printing services that Get Premium Boxes has to offer you.
  • With our aqueous coating, lamination, foiling, gloss and matte coating, you will be able to create a thousand different variations of packaging boxes.
  • You can try designing your packaging boxes in different ways. For example, trying out a new shape of packaging box or a new size might help you catch the attention of your customers and in retail stores, that is exactly what your packaging and product needs!
  • Create boxes with windows in them to let your audience see the product before they buy them. This will create a good communicating vibe between your packaging and the audience.
  • Never forget the necessary instructions, information, or company contacts on your packaging boxes in case any customer wants to contact you. These can be print onto your packaging boxes, with the help of our company’s printing services, at the back or the front however way you see it convenient.
  • If you sell food items or other food products such as cheese, you will be glad to find out about our special Kraft cheese packaging that has an appetizing look to it and makes people feel tempted to buy them.

Contact us now!

Contact Get Premium Boxes to drop your first order of packaging boxes. Your bulk will be deliver to you free of any charge. And you will find out how competent and durable our packaging boxes are once you start packaging and selling your different products in our boxes. Our experts and packaging box manufacturers are always waiting to hear from you and to help you create your ideal packaging box so that you and your company can flourish.

As more and more customers buy from your company it will be easier for you to get recognize. This will in turn get you even more customers. This means that packaging is a very important part of your company and you can set the base with it and get successful in no time at all. All you have to do is keep in mind that Get Premium Boxes is the company you need to go to because here, we understand how the packaging of the product is just as important as the product itself.

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