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Products such as cannabis, cigarettes, and other similar products are often packed in Custom Pre-Roll Packaging Boxes. This type of packaging is suitable to store the product ensuring its freshness and quality. Get premium boxes to produce these pre-roll boxes for their clients who run the cannabis and cigarette business. The packaging boxes need to made carefully fulfilling the demands of the clients, therefore, we provide various services to our valuable clients. These services include:

Free design support

We know that the packaging is the first thing that a client gets to see when they go to buy any items. Today, companies are fully aware of the sale tactics to attract more customers. Therefore, the Pre-rolls Packaging needs to be on point and convey the product’s details. Customers are attracted by the packaging which makes them buy the product. Each brand has its unique design language, logo, and color palette. Therefore, we provide custom design services to allow our client’s brand to get recognition. The clients provide us with the customized designs they want to over their Custom Pre-Roll Packaging BoxesOur graphic designers take on the job of developing those designs on the packaging boxes. once the designs are approved by our clients, we take the development process to another level.

Custom Pre-Roll Packaging Boxes shape and size

The cannabis Pre-rolls packaging comes in various shapes and sizes according to the client’s requirements. Clients can order the various shape and sized pre-roll packaging boxes through our website. They can select the required dimensions suitable for their product. This is important as it allows the clients to expand their business according to the number of their products. These pre-roll boxes can store various amounts of cigarettes or cannabis powder. The clients need to make the packaging suitable for the clients to carry therefore they are often small in size. However, larger storage packaging boxes are also ordered quite frequently.

Internal lamination

Since the product needs to be kept fresh and clean, the boxes are also laminated internally. These boxes are metallically laminated to maintain the freshness of the cannabis or cigarette etc. The internal lamination protects the product from heat or air allowing it to keep the product fresh especially until the box is packed. The air-tight quality of the boxes does not let any external impurity ruin the quality of the product inside. Pre-rolls packaging is made under proper supervision and checked multiple times for any fault or damage which can compromise the quality of the product.

Eco-friendly material

Material selection is a critical part of the packaging business. We understand that the correct type of material is the one that is environment friendly and does not add up to the degradation of the environment. Being a responsible Pre-rolls packaging brand, we use 100 recycled packaging materials. The main materials that we use include, 12pt- 24pt cardboard, White cardstock, 18pt- 24pt SBS, 18pt- 24pt Kraft cardstock, Corrugated stock. These cardboard pre-roll packaging and other packaging boxes are stiff and sturdy. The quality of the boxes allows the product to stay in the best condition without ruining the appearance and quality of the boxes. The boxes do not compress or ruin, allowing the clients to sell the best quality final products.

Wholesale prices

Clients have a strict budget to follow when it comes to the packaging and finishing of the boxes. However, since these boxes play a great role in appealing to the customers, they want to ensure that they go to a brand that fulfills their requirements at the most reasonable cost. Our company is known for providing the most competitive pricing in the market. Allowing the clients to buy Pre-rolls Packaging at wholesale rates while providing them with all the necessary services to make their packaging boxes stand out aesthetically. There are no subsidiary or hidden charges. The clients have conveyed the pricing of each service which is provided to them which are in their wholesale rates.

High-quality printing

Since the clients bring their custom design templates to use to develop their brand’s personalized packaging boxes. Where the custom designs are used as a strategy to attract customers, it is also important to print these designs using the highest quality printing techniques. This ensures that the prints are free of any staining or ink blotting. The edges are crisp and fine creating a better outlook of the design. The printing quality is also important so that the original colors of the design are transferred to the Pre-rolls Packaging boxes.

Free lamination

Once the printing is done, another step to ensure that the printed design doesn’t smudge, we laminate the Custom Pre-Roll Packaging Boxes as well. The lamination not only protects the packaging boxes from smudging or spreading but also adds a plus point in the finishing of the packaging. Lamination develops a better image of the product and brand in the eyes of the customers. The lamination comes in various types, including, glossy, matte, embossed, and metallic laminations. The laminations are selected to the type of product inside the Custom Pre-Roll Packaging. The lamination is a service that is free of cost attracting more customers to trust us with their packaging orders.

Bulk orders

Our clients have different scales of their brand, which means that each client has a different quantity of orders. We provide our clients with orders ranging from 100 to 500,000 orders in a single order. Larger scale brands benefit from this greatly as the bulk orders come with extra discount offers. The bulk orders are beneficial as they are easier for the brands to order at a single time. This is why large brands choose us for their Custom Pre-Roll Packaging Boxes.

Boosts sales

As a manufacturer of our client’s products packaging, we take full responsibility for making our client’s business boost and spread with the help of our packaging boxes. the boxes that we produce our make with excellence which guarantees the attention of the clients. Our company surveys the marketing performance of various companies and their packaging to better understand the type of packaging which appeals to the clients and producing even better quality Custom Pre-Roll Packaging BoxesThe client’s product is brought by more customers due to our efficient packaging. The boost in their sales allows them to expand their business and introduce more products as well.

Free shipment

Shipment is one of the last steps of our packaging business. Therefore, we ensure that we perfect our shipment procedure as well. Ordering from us is relatively easy as it can be do over our website. The clients can select all the customization options through the website and select their required tasks. Once the Custom Pre-Roll Packaging Boxes orders are make, the clients get an automated notification about the confirmation of their order. The clients get a unique tracking code that allows them to easily track their orders anytime, anywhere. We provide our clients with free shipment within the country, however, the clients who order from us overseas, have to pay the overseas shipment charges. Their orders are deliver at their doorsteps reducing any extra task on their side.

Fastest turnaround time

Our company is know for providing our clients with the fastest turnaround time. We understand that efficiency is one of the most important tasks that need to be fulfill to satisfy our clients. The clients are always looking for companies that manufacture their orders in the shortest possible time. Custom printed Pre-rolls Packaging boxes are deliver to clients within 2 weeks after the placement of order. The bulk orders might take a few more days and the orders can be delay sometimes due to any external issue. The fast turnaround makes the clients trust us as this speed up their sales procedure.

Customer care

Our valuable customers are very important to us, therefore to satisfy them, we provide the best services in the shortest possible time. We value our customers very much, therefore; we are always ready to take their suggestions to improve our services. Our customer care helpline is open for our clients during the day. The clients can call us or text us via emails to convey their suggestions or to ask questions. This develops a friendly and interactive relationship between us and our clients. The suggestions by our clients are vital for us to become even better at attracting a larger audience.

Here at getting Premium Boxes, we manufacture the best Custom printed Pre-rolls Packaging boxes. These boxes are according to our client’s requirements. The packaging boxes have custom designs that are printing using the best printing techniques making sure that the customer’s packaging boxes stand out in the markets, boosting their sales. The services such as free lamination and fast turnaround time make us the most efficient and appealing packaging box manufacturers. We leave our clients satisfied with our services, encouraging them to come to us every time and spread our word to other businesses as well which need the packaging boxes for their products.


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