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We’ve all seen them: the ever-present table tent at a favorite deli, restaurant, bank, when we check into a hotel, or at an annual tradeshow. As you sat at your table, it’s possible that the delicious dinner special you just ate was initially observed on one of them. This three-dimensional artwork, also known as a sign display or table talker, is an efficient marketing tool. The table tent is typically used in restaurants to promote or emphasize dinner, dessert, or drink specials, but it can also be utilized in other companies. Let’s look at some of the components of a successful table tent for promoting your brand, increasing sales, and keeping consumers coming back for more.

·       A Picture is worth a thousand words.

Using high-resolution photographs on your table tent is the most effective technique to attract visitors and customers. After watching this, you’re seeing will be clamoring for a more realistic-looking snapshot of your popular appetizer or succulent BBQ special.

·       What did you say?

Don’t forget to bring a copy! That image may pique your customer’s interest long enough for them to linger but use brief, punchy headers to draw them in. Make it irresistible to them by keeping it brief and sweet. Who can say no to a gorgeous snapshot of a delectable dessert, especially when it’s the nightly special AND homemade?

·       No time for hide-and-seek.

Don’t forget to bring a copy! That image may pique your customer’s interest long enough for them to linger but use brief, punchy headers to draw them in. Make it irresistible to them by keeping it brief and sweet. Who can say no to a gorgeous snapshot of a delectable dessert, especially when it’s nightly unique AND homemade?

Place the most profitable goods or current specials in the center of the table or front of the counter or display area. Furthermore, the placement of your company name on your table tent is critical. To boost brand recognition, include it with your unique and excellent image.

Typical Industries and Uses for Table Tent Marketing

Custom printed table tents are typically employed in the service industry for advertising at restaurants, bars, and nightclubs, but they may also be utilized in your company. These include the following:

  • Salons and spas
  • Banks and financial offices
  • Real estate offices
  • Cafes and coffee shops
  • Hotels and convention centers
  • Gyms and health clubs
  • Year-at-a-glance calendars (company branded)
  • Tradeshows
  • Conferences
  • Special drawings or contests
  • Seminar announcements
  • Physician and dentist offices
  • Visitor centers
  • Hotels and motels

As you can see, table tents have practically infinite applications in your marketing toolkit. You may tailor them to your goals by choosing from various sizes and combinations. We provide three conventional forms in three sizes, or we can develop bespoke sizes and shapes to meet your needs. They’re all diverse in their approach and are simple to use so that you can put them in almost any place clients will notice, whether they are walking by, standing about, or seated. When combined with your other marketing items like posters, brochures, and postcards, an eye-catching, well-positioned table tent gives your firm a three-dimensional advantage over your competitors. Are you ready to start using table tents to be noticed??

Custom table tent design Essentials

At restaurants, bars, hotels, and other venues, table tents are an excellent way to promote a product, service, or event. Therefore, custom table tent design is critical for a good return on investment. However, you must first capture the viewers’ attention and encourage customers to buy your product. It’s a struggle, but it’ll be much simpler if you follow the custom table tent design fundamentals.

Design for visual stimulation

You want your table tents to catch people’s attention and appeal to their pleasures and passions. So make sure your headlines and graphics are large enough to entice people to take a closer look at your table tents with just one glance. In the end, you want your public to understand that embracing your offer would improve their lives.

Capture the mood

Table tents come in various styles, from vibrant and colorful to stylish and understated, and everything in between. What matters is that your custom table tent design communicates the spirit of your offer so that your audience can imagine the delight of taking action. A restaurant wine list table tent, for example, should conjure up pictures of luscious grapes in a lush vineyard, while a family fun center table tent should portray people having the time of their life. Think about whether your target demographic is on vacation, a work trip, having a romantic lunch, or out on the town, then design your table tents to reflect these emotions. The color scheme, graphic elements, graphics, and placement of your table tents will all help establish the tone. But, again, keep in mind your objective: you want your table tent to encourage your audience to proceed to the next buying phase.

Design both sides

Some table tents have similar pictures on both sides, although this might be considered a waste of precious space. At work, there are two schools of thought: One thinks the best attention-getting design should be utilized on both sides to strike both sides of the table at the same time, while the other thinks the other side is the most fantastic area to deliver extra information or advertise a second product, attraction, or menu item. You may like a dual design as a designer since you know you can design both sides to be as appealing but to distinct audiences. However, you should also be aware that most people will turn table tents over to see what’s on the other side and that many like doing so.

Use a template

Table tents are one-of-a-kind in that they are score, folded, and die-cut. Using a table tent template is the easiest to ensure that your custom table tent design is adequately positioned. In addition, table tents are excellent marketing tools for hotels, restaurants, and bars and may be use to promote pay-per-view movies, special events, drink, dessert menus, and more. Follow these design suggestions to get the most return on your table tent investment.

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