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Tea is the most consumed aromatic beverage throughout the world. Each place has a unique way of consuming its tea, varying in the type of tea that is used. Also the way the tea is made. The tea has a stimulating effect on its consumers.  Basically due to the caffeine content that it contains. It is very important to keep the tea fresh and tasteful. Therefore, it is vital to store the tea in the most suitable packaging. This allows the customers to enjoy the most flavorful teas. To retain the freshness of the tea, here at Get Premium Boxes. We produce a wide range of tea boxes, fulfilling the demands of our clients.

Wide range of inbox types

There is a variety of tea that is being sold in the market these days. This range includes loose tea, compressed tea, instant tea, tea bags, etc. To cater to all these types of teas, we manufacture, multiple types of tea boxes varying in shape and sizes. We provide our clients with an open choice for the dimensioning of the tea packaging. We create the perfect-sized boxes with easy locking to ensure the freshness of the tea. These boxes can be rectangular, both horizontally and vertically, and squarish forms. However, this depends solely on our clients and their requirement for the boxes.

Easy to use boxes

The boxes are made in such a manner that they are easy to use by the consumers. These boxes have the key feature of having the friction lock top closure. It allows the consumers to easily use the tea and this is mainly to ensure the freshness of the tea. Allowing the consumers to use the tea directly from the packaging boxes. This quality in the boxes attracts the customers as they do not require extra storage boxes for them.

Wholesale pricing

Cost is one of the most important aspects of any business. We understand that our clients want to make the most profit out of their tea sales.  Also, we help them by manufacturing low-priced, economical tea packaging boxes. We attract our clients by tea boxes wholesale prices. By this they must invest little in the packaging and focus more on the quality and taste of their tea. We encourage new brands to reach out to us for their tea packaging. As it allows them to boost their sales with our attractive tea boxes, with a low packaging box cost.

Ensuring the freshness of the product

Tea is enjoyable the most when the product is fresh and new. Therefore, we coat our boxes with metalized sheets to ensure the freshness of the product. These boxes can store the tea for up to weeks without ruining its quality and hygiene if packed properly. These custom tea boxes are properly boxed in our air-tight packaging, protecting the tea from light, air, and moisture. The organic nature of the packaging material enables the clients to keep the tea fresh without any spoilage. It keeps the tea usable and fresh for longer than usual.

Custom designs

Tea brands use unique themes, color palettes, design languages, and logos. This is to separate their brand’s tea storage box from the rest of the brands in the market. For fulfilling the requirements of each brand, we provide customization services. Our designers take the design ideas from our clients or suggest them some new ideas to attract their clients. This makes eye-catching custom tea boxes. This custom tea packaging enhances the outlook of new tea brands gaining the attention of their new customers.

Finishing and lamination

Finishing off the packaging plays a major role in the sales of any product. It refines and enhances the appearance of the storage of the product. We are making it more appealing to buy. Therefore, our company provides lamination services to our clients as well. The finishing of the box refines its quality. The lamination adds the extra gloss or matte effect (depending on what the client required) on the custom tea boxes.

Many times, different types of tea are also used for gifting. This makes it critical for the brands to have gift-worthy packaging of their tea. Thus, they turn to us for our efficient services which fulfill their requirements to stand out in the market. The clients have a variety of lamination and finishing options to choose from. These include matte, glossy, metallic, and embossed lamination. Finishing as such, gives the boxes an extra edge in the market.  This allow them to reach high on the selling charts in all markets.

Personalized packaging and teabag packaging

Tea has a special place in every tea lover’s heart. Many clients select personal tea which is made especially on their order. This personal tea is put in personalized tea boxes which are fully designed by our clients themselves. They select the type of box, the design, the color, lamination, and finishing of the box. The bags are also commonly used these days. Therefore, we also produce a variety of tea bag packaging. The teabag packaging is manufactured in multiple shapes, circular, square, and pyramidal tea bags. This adds a variety in the tea bag section of the packaging.

Eco-friendly material

Get Premium Boxes is very much famous to be a responsible custom tea boxes packaging brand. We not only take care of our client’s requirements but also ensure that our company plays a positive impact on the environment. We use 100% recyclable material for our client’s tea packing boxes. This biodegradable material does not harm the environment or add to pollutants. We mainly use varied thickness cardboard stock (depending on the type of tea that needs to be stored), Kraft stock, recycled boxboard, and corrugated stock. These packaging materials are environmentally friendly. The boxes are complete with absolute strength and durability.

Fastest turnaround

Our company is known for an outstanding record amongst all the packaging companies in the country for delivering our packaging boxes to our clients within the very small possible time. Our brand takes responsibility for producing efficient deliveries worldwide. We have a free delivery policy within the country, however, there are some extra charges for deliveries internationally. However, each of our orders is always delivered to our client’s doorsteps. We ensure that our clients sit back peacefully till we deliver their orders to their provided addresses.


The order placement procedure is a very simple and direct process. There are only a few steps to ordering your custom tea boxes. Once the clients have told us about their customization requirements, we immediately start the designing and manufacturing process. The boxes go for printing and laminating till they are ready for shipment. The shipment is sent through the fastest courier service. The tracking is also very easy; the clients can track their orders over our website. This allows them to know the estimated time of the order’s delivery.

No subsidiary charges

As the increase in the pricing overall, we like to keep our packaging boxes as reasonable as possible without any subsidiary charges. This is how we try to control the budget of our client. We maintain the economical price range of our product. We keep our rates open in front of our clients. There are no hidden charges. The designing and printing are also very reasonable allowing the clients to get creative with their boxes. Shipment details and tracking is also free of cost which allows the customers to be up to date on the status of their shipment.

Customer care

Our valuable customers are very precious to us, therefore; we try to satisfy them completely. We provide our clients with many services allowing them to have creative, eye-catching boxes for their products. Our employees are available for customer care services online and over call. This allows the clients to easily interact with our staff for details and queries. Our staff members are available to suggest valuable clients with the modern styles that are in the hype, in the market. Designers and manufacturers work ambitiously in making our client’s tea packing boxes stand out.

Bulk orders

We cater not just to large tea production companies. But also new businesses and therefore, we understand that each business has different quantity requirements. Clients can order the custom tea boxes in quantities ranging from 100- 500000 boxes per order. These orders are efficient, producing the packaging boxes swiftly. These bulk orders make it easy for the large brands to buy all the boxes they need at an economical wholesale rate from a single packaging company.

Tea is one of the most enjoyed beverages, despite the weather and thus its sale is always high in the market. There are many emerging brands for tea. Also packaging adds a lot more to the sales along with the quality of the tea. Therefore, our clients trust us with their product outlook while preserving its goodness. Our brand works effortlessly in making the highest quality boxes with the best graphics and finishing. Our services are fast and effective for clients that demand their orders to reach them timely.





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